Wednesday, 11 November 2015

CDHD EtherCAT B Servo Drive – Less is More

“We need a drive with just the essential EtherCAT functions,” is what customers were saying. Servotronix responded with the streamlined CDHD EtherCAT B servo drive. This new servo series answers the market’s demand for simpler and more economical drives for EtherCAT applications.

Known as the CDHD EB2, this latest addition to the CDHD family is available with the same dimensions and power stages as the equivalent CDHD 120/240 VAC models. Mechanical, electrical and control specifications are identical with all other models in the CDHD family.

However, functions have been scaled back in the EB2. Unlike its full-featured CDHD siblings, the CDHD EB2 has USB serial communication, but not RS232. ID nodes can be set by software, allowing the mechanical address switch to be eliminated. IOs have been reduced to two analog inputs, five digital inputs and three digital outputs. While resolver feedback and 8V feedback supply options are not available in the CDHD EB2, the drive supports a wide range of motor feedback devices including incremental, SSI, and sine encoders, utilizing a 5V power supply.

By scaling back features in the CDHD EB2, Servotronix now offers customers a very competitive servo drive with all the functionality needed for nearly every EtherCAT application.