Thursday, 23 February 2017

CDHD firmware release – 1.41.13

Servotronix drives toward plug-and-play with new version

The most exciting new feature in Version 1.41 is plug-and-play connectivity with PRO2 servo motors. CDHD and DDHD servo drives can now detect PRO2 motors automatically and load parameters for fast and easy tuning, such as:

  • Set the moment of inertia (LMJR)
  • Set all HD control-loop gains
  • Automatically detect mechanical resonance and set Antivibration2 and Antivibration3 parameters to suppress vibrations
  • Set command filters, gearing, and smoothing parameters

In Version 1.41, the servos deliver control-loop enhancements. For example, the sample rate has been increased to 8KHz to increase the bandwidth of the position loop.

Support for new encoder protocols is now available allowing CDHD / DDHD servo drives to work with a wider variety of 3rd-party motors. The servo drives now support sensAR encoder protocol as well as BiSS-C, Tamagawa 23-bit absolute and NIKON 20-bit absolute encoder protocols.

Servotronix’s innovative anti-vibration technology has been extended as drives can now suppress vibrations at three different frequencies instead of the previous limit of two.

All of the new firmware features are supported in the GUI which provides an improved graphics design for easier use. For example, new wizards in ServoStudio guide users through the simplified autotuning process for PRO2 motors.

obtaining Firmware Version 1.41

Newly manufactured drives will be shipped with Firmware Version 1.41. For existing drives, Version 1.41 can be downloaded via ServoStudio. To get the new version, please contact your account manager.

Note: From Firmware Verison 1.41 onward, EtherCAT (FoE) protocol is supported and firmware can be downloaded via any host controller that supports FoE.

To download the full release note please go here: