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Custom servo solution for 4-axis and 6-axis robot arms

Stäubli Robotics, a leading player in robotics around the world,has partnered with Servotronix since 1995 to develop fully customized servo drives for Stäubli robots. The combined expertise led to the design and production of 2 generations of Stäubli’s robot product lines, and resulted in outstanding performance together with significant reductions in cost and size.



The Challenge

In the mid-1990s, Stäubli sought an engineering partner for the development of customized servo drives for its next-generation robotic product lines. Stäubli needed drives that would fit into their cabinet design and provide an optimal performance solution that also incorporates an external cooling strategy. The goal was to design a fully customized electro-mechanical solution that would allow constant alignment with Stäubli’s development plans, and eliminate the design constraints of standard products.


Servotronix Customized Solution

Stäubli selected Servotronix to develop servo drives according to requirements that allowed Stäubli engineers to design electro-mechanical structures without the constraints commonly imposed by the use of standard components. Since 1995, Servotronix has developed and designed complete electronic solutions to support multiple Stäubli robots including low voltage 4-axis SCARA robot arms and medium to high power heavy load 6-axis robot arms.


Digital Communication

IA Stäubli requirement was to have their own propriety communication (digital interface between the position sensor and the drive). The digital communication solution developed by Servotronix saved the cost of wires, improved noise attenuation, and contributed to the increased performance and accuracy of the system.


Efficient Drive Layout

With the introduction of customized dual-axis drives, Servotronix and Stäubli were able to dramatically reduce the volume of the cabinet, simplify the cooling structure,reduce the amount of cables, and lower overall costs.


External-Fan Cooling

Servotronix designed the drive so that its heat sink is located on the cabinet’s outer surface, so that the heat exhausted can then be cooled outside the cabinet. This type of optimized solution can be achieved only by means of a customized design and close collaboration of both companies’ engineering teams.



Through its partnership with Servotronix, Stäubli has been able to achieve significant success in the robotics market, by delivering products with outstanding performance, high quality, and competitive prices.

Solution Highlights

  • High performance servo loop to manage high-inertia torques
  • Digital communication between the sensors and the cabinet
  • Implementation of customer-specific algorithms in the drive
  • Dual-axis drives with optimal resource sharing
  • Special cabinet and drive design to support external-cooling
  • Cost and volume reductions

Custom servo drives developed for Stäubli since 1995:

Generation 1:
RMM – Rack Mount Module
RMM picture_1




Generation 2:

STARC – Dual Axis Drive

High Voltage                       Medium Voltage                  Low Voltage

STARC High VoltageSTARC Medium Voltage_with shadow STARC Low Voltage





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