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WEEE COMPLIANCE DECLARATION (DIRECTIVE two thousand and twelve/ninety-six/EC)

Sunday, 05 May two thousand and nineteen

WEEE COMPLIANCE DECLARATION (DIRECTIVE two thousand and twelve/ninety-six/EC)

Servotronix Motion Control Ltd

WEEE Compliance Declaration (Directivetwo thousand and twelve/ninety-six/EC)



The WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive establishes requirements for handling waste of electrical equipment. The goal of the directive is the environmentally responsible disposal of waste of electrical and electronic equipment.

Relevance to Industrial Controls:

There is some debate as to whether industrial control components, such as the servo drives and controllers that Servotronix manufactures, are subject to the Directive. Such debate stems from the fact that large scale stationary industrial tools are not subject to the Directive, and the components that Servotronix manufactures are assembled in such tools.

Refer to the following sections of the Directive: Article 2(3)(b), Article 4 (b), Article 3 (1) (b)


Irrespective of the debate, Servotronix Motion Control takes responsibility for the environmentally safe disposal of the servo drives and controls that it manufacturers. Products reaching the end of their service life can be returned to the nearest Servotronix sales office. Transport costs shall be paid by the consignor.