Wednesday, 11 November 2015

IP65 Rating Expands the stepIM Integrated Stepper Motor Family

Servotronix has announced an addition to its series of integrated stepper motors.

Earlier this year Servotronix introduced the stepIM family of integrated stepper motors with IP20 rating.
In light of the product’s great success, along with customer requests to use the stepIM motors in harsher environments, Servotronix has introduced new models with IP65 rating.

The new models have the same electrical and speed/torque performance as the IP20 models, with a number of enhancements to achieve IP65. An oil seal has been added to the motor shaft, and rubber seals have been added to the motor stacks and heat sink. The LED indicator has also been insulated. Moreover, the three connectors for bus power, CAN communication and for IOs have been changed, respectively, to M12/5, M8/5 and M8/8 connectors that provide IP65 sealed connectivity.

The stepIM IP65 provides three inputs, one output, and one analog input, while the stepIM IP20 models have four inputs, two outputs and one analog input.

The stepIM IP65 is currently available in three NEMA 23 lengths. Its operating voltage ranges from 14 to 48 VDC, with torque ranging from 1 to 3.25 Nm depending on motor length. The stepIM controls the axis via CANopen fieldbus according to CiA 402 protocol, and supports six standard CANopen modes of operation: profile position, profile velocity, torque profile, homing, and cyclic synchronous position.

IP65 illustration

The stepIM series significantly reduces cost, space and machine complexity and as such is perfectly suited for decentralized machine architectures. The integrated design of motor, control and power electronics minimizes the effort and expense associated with machine installation, since wiring and cable routing are reduced. Besides the ease of installation, machine complexity is reduced since fewer components and less electrical cabinet space are required.