Indexer Controller


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The Indexer Controller features fast 360˚ per second indexed moves. Moves are executed in programs. The controller allows for storing up to 50 programs with up to 1000 steps in each program. It features a multiple-line LCD display, step number, loop and preparatory code – all on one screen. Motion parameters can also be viewed on the LCD, in logical English. Error and fault messages are displayed to help diagnose problems quickly. The four line display means you are viewing all critical data, eliminating scrolling and spending less time referring to the operator’s manual. RS232 and infra-red communications interfaces are supported with programmable communications settings, and are useful for setting up the controller, downloading programs, and viewing diagnostic information.

Key Features

  • Supports brushed and brushless servo motors
  • Fast indexing moves
  • Stores up to 50 programs
  • Front-panel keypad for easy data entry and motion control
  • Extended I/O for machine-level support and integration


ModelCont. Current (A rms)Peak Current (A rms)Input Voltage (VDC)-
Indexer Controller4.518230