MDU – 12 Axis Multi Drive Unit


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Designed for a custom application in the carpet tufting industry, this Multi-Drive Unit consists of 12 independent servo drives assembled on a 9U PCB. Depending on the end-user’s requirements, anywhere from 100 to 200 of these MDUs may be in use in a single machine. A central CPU provides a dual CAN bus interface for the MDU, and this CPU communicates information over an SSI bus between the CAN bus and the servo drives.

Key Features

  • Multiple pile-height capability at every needle
  • Individual yarn control to create free-sewing patterns and textures
  • Enables simple creation of multi-color patterns
  • Compact arrangement of 12 axes per module and 8 modules in a rack
  • Centralized CAN processor for each module


ModelCont. Current (A rms)Peak Current (A rms)Input Voltage (VDC)-


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MDU Datasheet