PPD – Pitch Control Drive


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The Pitch Perfect Drive is designed to be installed in sets of three, within a wind turbine hub in order to control the pitch of the blades. During its normal operation the drive monitors and charges the external capacitor’s bank which is used during shut-down scenarios to perform a controlled move of the blade to  its neutral position.

Key Features

  • High performance, fully featured ruggedized servo drive
  • Designed to comply with CE and UL
  • IEC61800-2 chapter 4.3 vibration/ shock/ free fall compliance
  • Operates from -20° to 55°C, 90% humidity
  • Operates at its rated current at altitudes of up to 1000 m and at harsh air pressure conditions
  • Protection class of IP54


ModelCont. Current (A rms)Peak Current (A rms)Input Voltage (VDC)-


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PPD Datasheet