STARC – Dual Axis Servo Drive


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Since 1995, Servotronix has developed and designed complete electronic solutions to support multiple robots including low voltage 4-axis SCARA robot arms and medium to high power heavy load 6-axis PUMA robot arms. The Starc servo drive was one of the solutions designed to meet customer’s requirements, eliminating the customer’s constraints of implementing standard products.

Key Features

  • High performance servo loop to manage high-inertia torques
  • Digital communication between the sensors and the cabinet
  • Implementation of customer-specific algorithms in the drive
  • Dual-axis drives with optimal resource sharing
  • Special cabinet and drive design to support external-cooling


ModelCont. Current (A rms)Peak Current (A rms)Input Voltage (VDC)-
STARC Axis 1822.548
STARC Axis 24948