Wednesday, 11 November 2015

sensAR – Reinventing Absolute Rotary Encoders

Servotronix introduces the absolute motor feedback system sensAR. With its innovative design, the sensAR magnetic absolute encoder combines high resolution and accuracy with robustness, durability and compact size at a competitive price.

sensAR uses a patented non-periodic pattern and signal processing to generate both Gray code and high-resolution absolute positions from a single circular track. Advanced signal processing applies a unique patented method, where a digital position code is associated with a set of analog signals that represents a high resolution and accurate absolute angular position.

The sensAR motor feedback series, with a 4 wire fully digital serial interface, is available as a single- and multi-turn device and offers a maximum resolution of 36 bits with either 20bits or 18bits single-turn and an accuracy of ±72 arc/sec or ±100 arc/sec, respectively. The encoder is currently available in one size, with a diameter of 36 mm and a height of 22 mm. The multi-turn version, which has the same dimensions, is battery buffered and has a count of 65,536 turns (16 bits). Auxiliary features of the encoder include an electronic type plate, a built-in temperature sensor and motor diagnostics (logging of temperature and speed data).

Featuring only few mechanical parts and no optical components, sensAR is less sensitive to contamination and can operate reliably in dirty, dusty, or humid environments, and at operating temperatures ranging from -20°C to 125°C. It can also accommodate higher shock, vibration and mechanical tolerance deviations, in particular when compared to optical encoders. Furthermore, durability and lifetime expectancy of the encoder are high due to the elimination of both optical components and bearings.

The ruggedness of the sensAR make it particularly reliable in motor feedback applications that are exposed to excessive contamination, severe shock or high vibration, as in the textile, mining, steel, cement and paper industries.