Monday, 29 December 2014

softMC Multi-Axis Motion Controller: Powerful, Flexible, Field-Proven

Servotronix introduces the softMC, multi axis motion control software and hardware package, offering extensive programming capabilities that have been successfully implemented in a variety of automation and robotic applications.

Operated by Linux, with real-time extensions, the softMCsoftMC – MULTI AXIS MOTION CONTROLLER runs on a qualified industrial PC, providing an open and modular machine control environment. Its rich programming language allows complete flexibility to create motion programs, with support for pre-emptive multi-tasking and asynchronous event response.

Extensive motion and robotics functionalities support standard robot types such as DELTA, PUMA, SCARA, as well as for other non-standard robotic kinematics, such as traverse, scissors etc. Customized software solutions can be designed per customer‘s hardware or embedded in other industrial PC platforms, upon special request.

softMC is designed to seamlessly integrate with Servotronix’s servo and stepper drive-motor systems to provide a complete motion solution in a cost effective package. Furthermore, Servotronix’s experienced application teams ensure customers a smooth integration and dedicated ongoing support.

For more information about the softMC click here.