Monday, 09 May 2016

Servotronix stepIM closed-loop integrated stepper motors poised to take over servo applications

Traditional stepper motors cost less than servos, but their low resolution renders them unfit for demanding motion-control applications. However, advanced closed-loop steppers enjoy a technological edge and are able to challenge the performance of servos. Because these stepper motors maintain their cost advantage over servos, they are experiencing an upsurge in demand worldwide.

P&S Market Research expects steppers to enjoy strong growth over the next 5 years as they penetrate industries and applications once reserved for servos. According to the market research, the increased accuracy of closed-loop stepper motors is driving their penetration into applications where servo motors have been dominant, such as laboratory automation equipment. Significant reductions in noise and heat generation are creating new growth opportunities for stepper motors in high-torque applications, such as wood cutting and solar energy.

Compact size and low noise also make stepper motors the new preferred choice for medical applications, so demand is expected to grow for equipment such as surgical hand tools, ventilation machines, medical pumps, X-ray machines and blood analyzers. Accelerating demand can also be felt in the packaging and labeling industry.

By applying advanced closed-loop commutation, Servotronix’s stepIM stepper motors run cooler, require less power, achieve higher peak torque, eliminate step loss, improve dynamic performance and increase torque utilization. Because of their significant performance and cost-efficiency improvements, they can, for the first time, replace the expensive servos in a growing variety of challenging applications.