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    CNC (computerized numerical control) is at the heart of machine tools used for precision metal fabrication. While specialized spindle motors and drives are necessary for driving the machine's spindle, high performance servo drives and servo motors are used for positioning the object that is being processed in the Cartesian space (X, Y and Z axes). Additional workholding axes might be added to a CNC machine tool.
    Servotronix provides motion solutions to the rapidly developing renewable energy industry, specifically to companies developing and manufacturing wind turbines, solar and heat pump technologies and electrical vehicles. The renewable energy industry demands high-efficiency solutions. Servotronix designs its products to satisfy this requirement by incorporating state-of-the-art control algorithms and cutting edge technology in the hardware components.
    Servotronix has been serving customers in the semiconductor industry since the late 1990's. Our servo drives are used in various wafer processing equipment, including CMP (Chemical Mechanical Planarization) machines. Manufacturers of wafer handling robots are amongst our key customers, taking advantage of Servotronix's capability to provide products that minimize robot footprint while maximizing functionality.
    Servotronix serves customers in the industrial robotics industry with servo drive systems designed to fit. Our ability to provide servo drive systems customized to our customers' needs has resulted in servo systems that are compact and cost effective due to modularization and component sharing. In all servo drive solutions for a robotics control system, cost can be reduced by sharing critical components such as power supplies. Compactness has been achieved with rack-mount systems and with multi-axis servo drives. Our experience includes developing complete servo power systems that include main power supplies and keep-alive boards that allow for preservation of position information after an emergency stop.
    Servotronix offers complete motion solutions for the manufacturing of flat panel display and solar panels.
    The key contributor to a competitive advantage for food and beverage manufacturers is the ability to increase throughput and reduce downtime during maintenance, while conforming to strict hygiene standards. Servotronix has the expertise to provide innovative hardware and software solutions that optimize performance and reduce development and maintenance costs.
    Our experience in the medical industry varies from relatively simple laboratory automation equipment, to high-end diagnostic imaging systems. Our customers' need for extremely reliable equipment that meets strict medical industry standards is well understood by us, and we excel at proving our customers with the functionality that they need.
    Servotronix supplies servo drives to leading companies in the textile manufacturing industry. Our experience includes a highly customized servo solution for an innovative tufting machine.
    Servotronix supplies servo drives and servo control solutions to some of the leading companies in the printing industry. Our experience includes developing servo drive solutions for the entire printing process starting at the pre-printing stage, and to the various printing types - such as Digital Printing and Wide-Format Printing.